The Mathematics Colloquium at Rutgers-Newark 


The Colloquium of the Mathematics Department of Rutgers-Newark takes places on every second or third Wednesday, from 4pm-5pm, in 204 Smith Hall, 101 Warren St., Rutgers-Newark. All are welcome.

On alternate Wednesdays, the student colloquium features talks which are aimed in particular to be accessible to graduate students. Again, all are welcome.

Schedule of upcoming talks

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Date Colloquium Student Colloquium Title
Sep 17 John Loftin Geometric Structures on Surfaces
Oct 1 Karan Puri A Background for Higher-Dimensional Hyperbolic Geometry
Oct 8 Anna Wienhard (Princeton) Higher Teichmueller Spaces
Oct 15 Karan Puri A Discreteness Condition for Subgroups of PSL(2,Γn)
Oct 22 Huai-Dong Cao (Lehigh) Geometry of Ricci Solitons
Oct 29 Lee Mosher Crystallographic Groups
Nov 5 Jacob Sturm The Gauss-Bonnet Theorem
Nov 12 David Keys Values of Zeta Functions and Irrationality Proofs
Nov 19 Chuck Weibel (Rutgers) The Norm Residue Is an Isomorphism
Dec 3 Xiaojun Huang (Rutgers) A Bishop Surface with a Vanishing Bishop Invariant
Dec 10 Li Guo Two Formulas of Euler on Double Zeta Values
Feb 4 William Keigher Differential Algebra in Characteristic p
Feb 11 Reza Seyyedali (Johns Hopkins) Balanced Metrics on Ruled Manifolds
Feb 18 Atsushi Ichino (IAS and Osaka) Periods of Automorphic Forms and Special Values of L-Functions
Feb 25 Bruno Klingler (IAS and Jussieu) On the André-Oort Conjecture
Mar 4 Mark Feighn On Grushko's Theorem
Mar 11 Sergio Fenley (Florida State and Princeton) Pseudo-Anosov Flows in 3-Manifolds, Existence and Rigidity
Mar 25 Lee Mosher Coxeter Groups and Artin Groups
Apr 1 Lee Mosher Coxeter Groups and Artin Groups
Apr 16
Zongzhu Lin (NSF and Kansas State) Frobenius Twisted Conjugacy Classes and Representation Theory of Weighted Quivers
Apr 22 Robert Sczech Algebraic Numbers and Abelian Extensions
Apr 29 Shinpei Baba (UC Davis) Complex Projective Structures with Schottky Holonomy

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