The Mathematics Colloquium at Rutgers-Newark 


The Colloquium of the Mathematics Department of Rutgers-Newark takes places on every second or third Wednesday, from 4pm-5pm, in 204 Smith Hall, 101 Warren St., Rutgers-Newark. All are welcome.

On alternate Wednesdays, the student colloquium features talks which are aimed in particular to be accessible to graduate students. Again, all are welcome.

Schedule of upcoming talks

Click on the title of a talk for the abstract (if available).
Date Colloquium Student Colloquium Title
Sep 16
Ravi Srinivasan (Rutgers Newark)
Iterated Antiderivative Extensions
Sep 23 Moshe Baruch (Technion/Princeton)
The Classical Henkel Transform in the Kirillov Model of the Discrete Series Representation
Sep 30 Andreea Nicoara (Pennsylvania)
The Non-Noetherianity of the Denjoy-Carleman Classes
Oct 7 Jonathan Sparling (Rutgers Newark)
The Local Trace Formula
Oct 14 Olivier Guichard (IAS/Paris-Sud)
Compact (and Noncompact) Locally Homogeneous Spaces
Oct 21 Dmitry Gourevitch (IAS)
Relative Representation Theory of Reductive Groups Over Close Local Fields with Applications to Gelfand Pairs
Oct 28 Bruce Kleiner (NYU/Yale)
A New Proof of Gromov's Theorem on Groups of Polynomial Growth
Nov 4 Chloé Perin (Hebrew U)
First-Order Logic on the Free Group
Nov 11
Lee Mosher Weird Metrics in Geometric Topology
Dec 2 Yiannis Sakellaridis (Toronto)
Harmonic Analysis on Spherical Varieties and the Langlands Program
Dec 3
Alexandra Pettet (Michigan)
The Outer Automorphism Group of a Free Group and Its Relatives
Dec 4
Tullia Dymarz (Yale)
Large-Scale Geometry of Finitely Generated Groups: A Counterexample
Dec 7
Juan Souto (Michigan)
Relations Between Geometry and Topology of Hyperbolic 3-Manifolds
Dec 9,
Xiaowei Wang (CUHK & Harvard)
Stability of Nodal Curves
Dec 10
Richard Kent (Brown)
Analytic Functions from Hyperbolic Manifolds
Jan 27 Camilo Sanabria (CUNY)
Generalizing an Early Result of F. Klein on Linear Differential Equations
Feb 10

Feb 17
John Loftin Projective Invariants of Convex Domains and Monge-Ampère Equations
Feb 24
Zhengyu Mao The Theta Function
Mar 3
Robert Sczech The Beautiful Cotangent Function
Mar 31
Li Guo Different Forms of Spitzer's Identity
Apr 7 Jianya Liu (IAS and Shandong University)
Primes or Almost-Primes on Quadrics
Apr 14 Daryl Cooper (UCSB)
An Introduction to Non-Standard Analysis: the Hyper-Reals
Apr 28
Jacob Sturm Gromov's Theorem on Convergence of Manifolds

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